VHIVA KIDS Familienleben mit HIV

You are

  • HIV-positive and pregnant

  • HIV-positive and have children

  • the parent of an HIV-positive child

  • a teenager and have been diagnosed HIV-positive


We are open
Tuesdays 1 – 5 pm
Thursdays 10 am – 1 pm

Or make an appointment by phone

040 - 410 980 82 Patricia Barth
040 - 410 980 80 Sibyl Peemöller
040 - 410 980 62 Ute Senftleben
040 - 410 980 60 Tanji Sthamer


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Your questions

  • Are you concerned about your own HIV infection or potential infection of your child? Do you want to talk about your worries and fears?

  • Are you wondering how you can deal within your family with HIV?

  • Do you desire support?

  • Are you having problems with administration offices?

  • Would you like to connect with other families affected by HIV?

We promise anonymous advice and confidentiality



Our offers

  • Information about HIV and Aids, particularly during pregnancy

  • Advice on family and parenting issues

  • Support for problems with administration offices and other institutions such as kindergarden, school etc.

  • Advice and help with financial difficulties

  • Regular open sessions for families affected by HIV to get to know each other and connect

  • Information events,
    group events,
    leisure activities 
    for families

  • If desired attendance
    to administration offices, 
    doctor or clinic appointments and visits at home or in hospital

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